The Seven Questions You Need To Ask Before You Enter Into Contract With Musicians.

Below are the seven basic questions someone hiring a live band for their holiday party, will need to ask before entering into a contract with musicians.

  1. What is the date of the performance and day of the week? *Remember December and New Year’s costs are at least are 2 times what you might pay on an off Season event.
  2. What are the start and end times of the performance(s)?
  3. How many musicians are you hiring?
  4. Where will the performance(s) be held?
  5. What is the music for or what style of music do you expect to hear?
  6. How do you expect the musician(s) to dress?
  7. Will you be feeding the band? (Did you tell the caterer?

A Real Life Example to Consider:

A guy calls up the musician’s union to get a quote on hiring a five-piece band for New Years Eve The representative at the musician’s union quotes $6800.00 The man on the phone sounds irritated and asks “for musicians, really? I was expecting a couple hundred bucks”. The representative at the union pauses for a moment then replies. “Tell you what, you call up the local plumbers and steamfitters union and ask them what it would cost to have 5 journeyman plumbers out to your house to work for 4 hours on New Year’s Eve night and I’ll get you a band that will work for half that.” The man on the phone says, “Point taken.”