What steps are involved in booking celebrity talent?

What steps are involved in booking celebrity talent?

Here are the basic steps the professionals at CK Productions will walk you through to produce a successful celebrity concert or personal appearance:

Step 1 Accurate Information about you: Why? Artist fees are confidential by nature and will only be quoted upon receipt of a serious professional inquiry complete with accurate information about you and your company. After all, you wouldn’t send a member of your own family to a stranger would you?

Step 2 Accurate Information about your event: Why? We don’t want to waste your time – we want to assist you in a professional manner with accurate information for your special event. In order to do so, and to provide you with realistic answers, we will need to know more about your event, including such information as:

Event Date
Event Location
Will the event be held indoors or outdoors?
How many people will be attending this event?
What is the age range of your guests?
If this is a musical presentation, will you prefer a concert or dance setting?
Will this be a public or private event – will tickets be sold?
Are you working with a comfortable budget?
Is your budget for Talent Fee only or would you like your event fully produced?
Have you hosted this type of event before?
What performers have you had in the past?
What “worked” in your past shows?
What would you like to change in this show?
Are you authorized to make the final decision?
Who else is involved in the final decision for this show?
Are you prepared to act quickly

Step 3 – Once your accurate information is submitted, the entertainment professionals at CK Productions will contact you to suggest and coordinate realistic possibilities.

Step 4 – Formal Offer – Are you prepared to act quickly? Once you have decided on the right show – you must be prepared to act quickly. It is the law of the jungle – the Artist’s schedule waits for no man or woman and is subject to change at a moment’s notice due to other offers, recording schedules, television shows etc. If you are seriously ready to lock in your date – it is now time to submit a formal offer and binder.

Step 5 – Acceptance – Once the offer has been placed, the Artist and/or Artists Management will either accept or decline your offer. If they do accept, we will confirm this with you in writing – thus constituting the basis of a legal agreement.

Step 6 – Agreements and Deposit Amounts Due – Once the formal offer has been placed, accepted, and an written confirmation issued – we will issue the agreement for your approval and will require the deposit balance forwarded

Step 7 – Promotion – Once the agreement has been authorized, and the initial amount deposited in our event escrow account – we will provide you with  event promotion materials

Step 8 – Final Amounts Due – The final amount due for your event will depend on the exact nature and location of your function and production costs.

Step 9 – Day of Show – The majority of our clients do not have the time, or experience, to track down and handle all of the complicated logistics involved in producing a celebrity concert or personal appearance. It takes the skill of an air traffic controller and the patience of Job.

Most of our clients prefer to leave the details to us – and on concert night they:

1. Show up and look good
2. “Start” the engine (show)
3. Enjoy the magic of a celebrity concert or personal appearance
4. Enjoy the VIP Meet & Greet and photo op with the Artist and a few of your closest friends!
5. Bask in the glory of a job well done!